Alias - About AliasWhat is Alias?

  • Alias is a member services company that provides our members with a safe, secure and productive lifestyle through our technology
  • We provide secured email addresses and cloud storage
  • We provide customized, encrypted, and security hardened mobile and computer devices
  • Each membership comes with secure lifestyle education and training
  • Alias’ Technology provides Identity Theft prevention for all members, monitored 24/7
  • Your information is secured and NEVER sold to 3rd party companies or Data Brokers

How can Alias serve you?

  • Alias’ customer service model is customized to meet your needs
  • We offer various packages for every budget
  • Every piece of hardware we sell comes with technical support, available extended hours to better serve you
  • Our trusted software and applications are here to help you every step of the way
  • Technology Refresh every 2 years for both hardware and software
  • With every service selection our members are enrolled in IdentityGuard for credit monitoring and tools

What does it cost?

  • All prices are based on a two-year agreement and range from $35 to $165 a month
  • Prices range based on your selection of packages. There is a small down payment on every package and then a monthly fee.

How do I join?

  • You may sign up on our website ( or by calling our Vice President of Operations George Schehl at 321.704.9225